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Excel to SAS with %xlxp2sas

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Excel to SAS with %xlxp2sas

I'm trying to import an Excelsheet with the %xlxp2sas macro (and associated to import an Excel file. At first, I was really delighted by this macro. But now I have an Excelsheet that is not entirely rectangular, and I may not be able to use that macro anymore (and thus XML spreadsheets).

This is a fragment of the Excel file.

Country of trial
Multiple records possible
Index="7" >>Countries of recruitment

This should create 7 columns (with 4, 5 and 6 empty), but creates 4 columns.
This happens because the XML map increments a cel counter every time a new element is encountered within a row. It does not take the Index attribute into account.

Are there plans to upgrade the MAP (and macro) to solve this problem to support sparse data ?


Lex Jansen
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