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Erros while running stored process to update records

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Erros while running stored process to update records

Hi  All,

I have an Issue with SAS AMO 5.1.

am trying to run a Stored process to update some records, when I changed the records and trying to update am getting continuously

two error prompt windows as shown below and the data is never getting updated. anyone has faced similar issue.

Error window 1

SAS Add-In

stored process "Name" encountered errors while opening the results

we can continue to open the results or postpone processing by placing them in the status window.

Continue   Postpone    Abort (These are buttons)

When I click continue above below it prompts with a different window

Error window 2

SAS Add-In

stored process "Name" has completed with no visual content. You can refresh this analysis through the Manage content dialog box

When I close this window the records never updates

I would really appreciate if any one can help me with this issue

Thanks in Advance

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