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Data filter for SASGraph in MS PowerPoint Presentation

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Data filter for SASGraph in MS PowerPoint Presentation


im working with SAS Add-In for creation and composite the PowerPoint presentation, based on my SAS data. I have approximatly hundred of presentation for product, department and etc division. Difference between presentation it's just filter for data table. Hundred times i must to do the next steps:
1. Open presentation.
2. Find 2D Bar Chart and click "Property"
3. On "Property" window select "Data" tab
4. on "Data" tab (middle of window) click "Change..."
5. Change the data filter, save it and refresh presentation.

I think it's not "better" way for creating a equialent presentations.
Has the any VBA code example for my issue? Or what VBA class i must tu use for data filter changing?
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Re: Data filter for SASGraph in MS PowerPoint Presentation

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You might consider populating your PowerPoint presentation from a Stored Process (SP) -- if, for example, you used BY group processing or some SAS/Graph process that created multiple graphs usually PowerPoint puts each graph and each table on a separate slide.

Your data filters could become input parameters to the SP -- so you'd select them one time -- when you go to run the SP -- and then you could have code which would use those data filters and return the results -- with the graphs already filtered -- to your PowerPoint session.

Someone who knows SAS should be able to see what task you're doing in PPT with the Add-in and then replicate that task, with code, as a Stored Process.

You probably could do this with VBA and some kind of custom script that was a layer on top of the Add-in results, but personally, I'd try the Stored Process route first.

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