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DDE and Google Chrome

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DDE and Google Chrome

I've been encountering issues when using DDE to read from and write to MS Excel. If i have a Google chrome window open and try to run my DDE code SAS bogs down and becomes unresponsive. The entire screen greys out and I'm not able to look at the log or cancel submitted statements. No matter how long i let it run like that it (and I've let it run all night for a program that takes 20-30 seconds normally) it never breaks out of it's funk. Now, here's where it gets strange, Other folks in my department can run the same code, on the same version of SAS and Windows, with the same version of Chrome open on a very similar laptop and will not have the problem. Some days I can run the the two programs together (SAS and Chrome) with no issues at all but once it starts for the day then im guaranteed not to be able to run them both for the rest of the day. I haven't noted the websites running when it does happen so it's certainly possible that it's an issue with some script in chrome but I'm not savvy enough to find the problem. I'm running Windows 7 enterprise, SAS 9.2 and MS office 2007 if it helps.

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Re: DDE and Google Chrome

FWIW, you aren't the only one who has run into the problem.  Take a look at:

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