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Custom break line in proc report

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Custom break line in proc report

Is there any way with a compute statement or using the _RBREAK_ column to add a break line in a proc report anywhere i would like.


for instance, breaks are linked to the grouping variable, and one could place one after or before the defined grouping variable in a report.



proc report
column question online_type_desc, (n response1);
define question/group f=$question. 'Question';
define online_type_desc/across f=$online.;
define n/ f=comma8.;

define response1/analysis mean f=8.2 'Average' ;


break after question/summarize.....


However, lets say I don't want to break after the natural breaks in question. I want to break every 3rd line? I assume i could make a dummy grouping variable and hide it, but this might change too.  In this report, every 3 lines, but in the next, I want to break it every 5th line. Is there anyway to do this within the proc report code itself?

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Re: Custom break line in proc report

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If in your reports you want to break every 3 lines or X lines, you could edit the page size with 


options ps=3;

This will make that the natural break page change to the 3th line.


Also you could create a group variable as you have said and create a compute after like this

 break after GROUPING_VAR  / page;

This will create the break "_PAGE_" character at the end of each group.


I hope that this help you




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Re: Custom break line in proc report

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hey thanks man for the the tips. I wasn't aware of the page function.

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