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Creating automated regular documents

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Creating automated regular documents

Hi there,

Many of us need to create company reports on a regular basis that are simply updates, with new figures for a new quarter or a new year, but with the majority of the text remaining the same. I'd heard it was possible to write programs or macros in SAS that can run the necessary program and insert the results into a word document at designated points in a template. Does anyone know anything about such a capability? Can anyone provide some references materials or particular terms to investigate? Any information or suggestions (or direct solutions!) would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read/think about/possibly respond to my discussion topic.



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Creating automated regular documents

A search for "sas word document" will bring up most of the options that I'm aware of.  You can narrow it down by limiting the search to the method or methods you think might be most appropriate for what you want to do.  Some limiting terms might be dde, ods, rtf, template or style.

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