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Creating SAS Profile

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Creating SAS Profile


I have created a Excel VBA utility for my business users where on button click it runs a SAS stored procedure and refreshes excel with newly created data sets.

There are many users of this report and most of them don't know how to configure SAS profile in Excel SAS Add in.

Most of the time I get complains that utility is not working. But the real problem is that they have not configured the profile in SAS Add in.

So I am looking for a way to automatically configure SAS profile if its not been configured.

Currently I got a way to check if profile is configured or not. But can't configure it as its a read only property!!

Dim SAS As SASExcelAddIn

    Set SAS = Application.COMAddIns.Item("SAS.ExcelAddIn").Object

    If Trim(SAS.ActiveProfile.Name) = "" Then

        MsgBox "Please configure your SAS profile!", vbInformation

End If

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Re: Creating SAS Profile

You could also write some step by step instructions and then add a link to these instructions as part of your message.

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Re: Creating SAS Profile

Hi , I've already done that but its less useful!!

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