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Connecting to External Databases Using Local Connection

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Connecting to External Databases Using Local Connection

If one has a SAS/ACCESS for Teradata/ORACLE/DB2 license for PC SAS, is there a (hopefully easy!) way for an individual to add a LIBNAME for a local connection to allow the Excel Add-In to access external relational databases? Thanks!
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Re: Connecting to External Databases Using Local Connection

Although there is a way in a stored process to issue a LIBNAME statement that bypasses the Metadata Server, I don't generally recommend the practice as a way to access your data. One really fundamental purpose of the SAS Add-in for Microsoft Office is to USE the Metadata (including the data library definitions) in order to allow access and control access to all your data based on userid or group membership.
You should discuss what you want to do with your SAS Administrator and determine whether there was a configuration or security reason why definitions for these DBMS tables were not added to the Metadata.
If your SAS Administrator has not taken the Platform Administration training or has not consulted the Platform Administration documentation, you or the Administrator can consult with Tech Support for more help.

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