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will automation decrease SAS jobs

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will automation decrease SAS jobs

Hi ,


As we are seeing that automation is increasing day by day, I just wanted to know that what will be an impact on sas due to automation within 5-10 years ?

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Re: will automation decrease SAS jobs

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Yes, we will be fighting a losing battle against Skynet by then.  


Seriously though, not sure what kind of answer you want.  If your worried, make sure you have a wide base of skills so you can move around (i.e. go where the work is).  Thats all you can do as no-one really knows what will happen this year let alone several years down the line.

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Re: will automation decrease SAS jobs

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Great topic, and one that taps into the news hype about automation.  I'd love to hear what others think, but here's my $0.02:


Automation will increase the need for SAS/analytical skills (and already has), because the automated processes all generated tremendous amounts of data.  (Case in point: the connected car.) And that data requires data management and statistics to lead to understanding.


Perhaps your question was inspired by this article: Half the work people do can be automated.  Quote:

Each job has different potential for automation, depending on the activities involved in it. Physical activities in structured environments as well as data collection and processing are most susceptible to automation. These are to be found mostly in manufacturing, retail, food, and hotel businesses.


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