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To the community managers

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To the community managers

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Hi community managers,


A lot of questions don't provide the data required to replicate issues raised.


You've got a checklist at the botton of the New Question screen.



Could youplease add @Reeza's article to above checklist so people get a direct link of how to easily provide data?


How to create a data step version of your data AKA generate sample data for forums


Eventually: Also post a link somewhere fix on every single forum page of how to ask a question and what to provide. It would make it so much easier to explain to people what they have to provide if we could simple refer to a link.





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Re: To the community managers

Hi @Patrick - thanks for the feedback.


We are always working towards better guidance, especially for new community members, to help them to ask a good question.  Asking a good question with a clear goal, sample data and code -- this leads to the quickest, best answer.  


We do have plans to make such guidance more prominent -- especially for new users.  However, gentle coaching from experience community members is also very we appreciate when our community experts nudge new users to the best action.



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