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SAS Toolsets for Manufacturing by Murali Sastry, Student pursuing MS in Analytics,Capella University

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SAS Toolsets for Manufacturing by Murali Sastry, Student pursuing MS in Analytics,Capella University

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As part of my course curriculum for MS in Analytics program, there was an assignment to become familiar with SAS toolsets as SAS offers several tools and suites to wide variety of industries. As part of this assignment, I researched SAS solutions and suites and decided to hone in on their applications in manufacturing due to my experience in manufacturing industry.

This post would be beneficial to those who are:


  • in manufacturing organizations researching analytic products and solutions for their data analytics needs;
  • for those performing data analysis, procuring analytic software for their organizations;
  • people interested in understanding and implementing analytics in manufacturing organizations;
  • organizational leaders interested in improving their profitability and reducing risks to improve their market position.

Due to the ever increasing demands of data collected by manufacturing businesses such as customer data, product data, employee data, supplier data, and engineering data that is available in an organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Many of these ‘data tombs’ exist in multiple organizations including expensive backups without really utilizing insights from data nor making decisions from golden nuggets of information hidden in transactional data.


In addition to the transactional data, customer sentiments and their perception (e.g., Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.), customer comments during a visit, product shipment issues, or overall organization’s image could be shared on social media and is not captured in the organization’s systems. Customer perception could be expressed in the form of comments, audio, video, or images. Independent of the format of perception, it needs to be captured, organized, and alerted to organization’s sales and marketing to gain meaningful insights to make tactical or strategic decisions that impact organization’s future.


SAS Analytics Suite of software solutions provide an array of tools for business manufacturing products to fulfill their analytic solution needs, such as the situation above. In addition, there are SAS tools that could be used for example, SAS Enterprise Miner could be used in the above situation. In addition to the above, Enterprise Miner could also be used to analyze product warranty, Employee Health and Safety risk assessment, for production scheduling needs, understanding equipment downtimes, and for customer perception.


Based on available data be it transactional or in audio, video, text formats, data is captured, organized, managed, models built, and available in data warehouse or data mart for gaining valuable insights for tactical and strategic decision making.


Such application of data mining prevents losses and improves organizational profitability and viability in the long run.

For additional information on SAS products, features, capabilities, and benefits of these products see the attached pdf summary document and the attached link provided in reference.



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Re: SAS Toolsets for Manufacturing by Murali Sastry, Student pursuing MS in Analytics,Capella Univer

Many Thanks to Chris Hemedinger for reviewing the post prior to publication and providing valuable feedback and inputs, without which this post would not have been possible.


Thank you,


Murali Sastry

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