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Rough seas ahead for Boaty McBoatface? It's in the data.

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Rough seas ahead for Boaty McBoatface? It's in the data.

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Maybe you haven't yet read my blog posts about Boaty McBoatface.


First, there was this one that I wrote and posted on a whim during a quiet Friday at work.  It wasn't in my plan, but when I found the raw data about the "Name Our Ship" campaign inside the web page source, I felt compelled to dive in and write something.


(tl;dir version: "Boaty McBoatface" is the top vote-getting crowdsourced name for a new British research vessel -- with a 10x lead over the next highest name.)




Now, just over a week later, there has been an exciting development with a new potential name emerging: Poppy-Mai.  You can read about it in my update.


(tl;dir version: "Boaty McBoatface" now has just a 4x lead over the next highest name -- a new addition that reflects to the world's compassion for a critically ill child.)




I'm so pleased to have SAS, the planet's leading analytics software, at my fingertips so that I can produce hard-hitting data journalism like this!

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