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Communicating and Reporting Business Intelligence (BI) Project Results

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Communicating and Reporting Business Intelligence (BI) Project Results

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Methods to provide feedback, report, and communicate results

(1. Projected results, 2. early feedback, and 3. complete results.)


Hi everyone. Recently, I had discussed the process of communicating and reporting results in a BI project solution as part of my MS in Analytics program. I wanted to share this topic with SAS community.


Per Stetson (2013), communication should be continuous throughout a BI project with stakeholders who care about the project results.


There could be several stakeholder roles including:

  • R-Responsible,
  • A-Accountable,
  • C-Consult, and
  • I-Inform or RACI.

It is critical to understand the role of RACI in each BI or Analytics project to ensure presentation of executive summary or reporting is:

  • appropriate,
  • actionable, and
  • stakeholders receive the value that was intended from project execution.

Otherwise, it may not mean much to the business and it would be a herculean task for the project manager to sell his/her next project(s)…


Best practices to communicate results to stakeholders and reporting attributes


Some of the successful strategies / practices for communicating results to stakeholders include:


  • Presenter has a solid understanding of the purpose, RACI of project that include influencers, advocates, or members that could potentially derail project results;


  • Project results meet stakeholder needs that are actionable to institute changes or improvements;


  • Communicating team has individual working sessions with each stakeholder to communicate, report, and for receiving feedback from stakeholder and implementing their feedback when it improves project value (e.g., cost, quality, scope, timing etc.);


  • After feedback implementation, presenter schedules a meeting with leadership team and with those who are impacted by the BI project implementation.


  • This opportunity serves to provide ethical, truthful results from data reviewed by BI team, and a time allotted in presentation for audience to ask questions, and address their questions to their satisfaction for intended use and implementation.


  • Reporting format should be simple, clear, and user friendly- e.g., flip charts, white board, role play, video, cartoon whatever works to get the point across.


  • Receive commitment during this meeting to have a follow-up meeting to implement next steps including implementation/deployment of data insights, user story sharing, if available to motivate leaders of process areas that are undergoing implementation.


  • The above steps encourage stakeholder commitment and engagement.


Best of all, I liked George Bernard Shaw’s quote from Stetson (2013):


“I am sorry that the letter I have written you is so long. I did not have time to write a short one.” 


This quote in a nutshell captures the essence of reporting and communicating results to stakeholders / leadership in any analytics project in general and BI project in particular.




Stetson, V.  (2013).  Communicating and reporting on an evaluation [PDF]. Retrieved from

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Re: Communicating and Reporting Business Intelligence (BI) Project Results

I would like to thank Larry LaRusso for his review and feedback to improve the content of this post. I am grateful for his suggestions.


Murali Sastry

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