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Career in SAS

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Career in SAS


I am MBA(marketing) graduate and do not have any technical background but I have completed my course for SAS(Base SAS,SQL,Macros,Visual Analytics) and I am a fresher, can get opportunity in SAS based on my graduation and SAS skills and which are the companies select candidates based on SAS skills regardless of their graduation? 

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Re: Career in SAS

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Glad to hear that you liked SAS and would like to work around.

First, I do not know what do you mean by "companies select candidates based on SAS skills regardless of their graduation?"? Unless you are really really talented in SAS and you have real world practical experience in SAS, or similar solution, or related technology it is not likely to be the case that a company would hire you regardless your background.

Then you should know that SAS as a company have many products and solutions for different business sectors. You as having an MBA in Marketing plus having training in SAS is big advantage for you. And as you can find SAS have different uses and products related to marketing and Customer intelligence. Companies which use SAS technology my like to hire candidates like you or invest on them.

Regarding find SAS based job, you should target those companies that use SAS or support companies which use SAS products.

For example you can start from SAS web site itself look at SAS Customers and SAS Success stories focus on companies in your region or country, and keep your eyes where your background could be considered as adding values to those companies open positions then go to their websites find the jobs and careers page and start searching hopefully applying too. Another option is to look at SAS partner in your region who provide supports to SAS Costumers then apply on their websites.

Search on jobs and careers websites by the “SAS” as a keyword try to find open positions where SAS background is required it could be Developer jobs or Analyst or Researcher…..

Go to LinkedIn search for jobs based on “SAS” keyword in your region. Search on the same website for people who have SAS experience find where they work and target their companies or find if you know friends who already know some of them see if they can recommend/introduce you.

Another thing to know is, one course in SAS is not the end of the way, you need to do more efforts and improve you skills and knowledge more. Take SAS free online courses, read SAS books, join us in this community by ideas, problems, help others troubleshoots their problems…….. Taking SAS certification is a plus if you can handle the cost or if you still studying find if you can get SAS discount for students.

These are some advices hope you may find them helpful.


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Re: Career in SAS

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In some countries SAS has graduate programs. You could contact your local SAS office and ask if they are having such a program, what it involves and if/how you could get considered for it.

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