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A loss for the SAS community: Dr. Bob Hamer

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A loss for the SAS community: Dr. Bob Hamer

I learned from my friends on SAS-L that we recently lost a long-time SAS contributor: Robert M. Hamer.  Bob passed away on December 28, 2015.



Bob served the SAS community in many ways.  He was the conference chair for SUGI 13 in 1988 -- the conference that we now call SAS Global Forum.  He was also a professor of Psychiatry and Biostatistics at UNC - Chapel Hill (one of our local universities near SAS HQ).  His name appears in the SAS documentation in many places as "work cited".  He also wrote the %INTRACC macro for intraclass correlation, available on the SAS support site.


He was a member of this online community too, but only as a lurker (no contributions, only reading content).  While I personally didn't have a lot of interaction with Bob (most of his work with SAS happened before my time), I can tell that long-time SAS users remember him and his contributions fondly.  It's a reminder that benefits of the SAS user community extend beyond just technical expertise, but also provide fruitful personal relationships.


Our condolences go out to Dr. Hamer's family and friends.

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Re: A loss for the SAS community: Dr. Bob Hamer

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Thanks @ChrisHemedinger for sharing. What a lovely tribute and recognition of his involvement with the SAS community.

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