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 Hello All, 


My Sgplot code looks like below and the Legend that appearing "Name = a " ( Treatment arms )  at the end of Vbox . Along with that I also want the Scatter Plot colors in the Legend , if I try to have Name = "Scat"  and use it in Keylegend TRT01A is coming up as it is Grouping variable . How to get the Scatter Plot color into the Legend ?


Example  along with TRT arm ,  red color = &var2. , Green color = &var1 something like this 


%macro box_j (yvar , var1,var2 , out , Vis , label  );

     /*--Grouped Box with Stat Table Scatter--*/;


ods graphics / reset attrpriority=color width=5in height=3in imagename= "&out._&vis._Box_jitter" ;

Title "Boxplot ";


proc sgplot data=mergedGroup ;

label value='N';   format value 5.2;

yaxis values = (-6 to 6 by 2);

vbox &yvar. / category= &var2. group=TRT01A nooutliers  nofill grouporder=ascending name='a';


scatter x=&var2. y=&yvar.   / group=TRT01A groupdisplay=cluster

        grouporder=ascending jitter

        markerattrs=(symbol=circlefilled size=5  color = red  )

        transparency=0.5 clusterwidth=0.5  *Name = "Scat" * ; <-- I want  &var2 color in the Legend 


scatter x=&var1.  y=&yvar.  / group=TRT01A groupdisplay=cluster

      grouporder=ascending jitter

      markerattrs=(symbol=square size=5   color = green )

      transparency=0.65 clusterwidth=1; <-- I want  &var1 color in the Legend 


xaxistable STD / x=cat class=grp classdisplay=cluster colorgroup=grp location=inside classorder=ascending label = "&var2.";

xaxis display=(nolabel);

keylegend 'a' / linelength=24;

*keylegend 'Scat' / linelength=24;




%MEND box_j;



%box_j(lV4 , TRT,FR , log  , V4 ,%str( V4 ) );



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