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The SAS Support Communities Super Users Program

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Like any community, the SAS Support Community is only as strong as its members.  And we're proud to say that we have some pretty outstanding members.


community-super-user-badge-icon.pngSome of our members stand out even more than others. To recognize these special folks, we have established the SAS Support Communities Super Users program.  Super Users exemplify the best aspects of the SAS community: they are helpful, knowledgeable, and trustworthy.  When you post a SAS question on, there is a better-than-even chance that one of our top users will respond with an answer that solves your query or at least nudges you in the right direction.


The SAS Support Communities Super User program recognizes the strongest members for their outstanding contributions.   In addition to the public honor of the "Super User" designation, inductees are given tools that help them to expand their community leadership.  We hope this helps them get even more out of their community experience. Certainly, their actions help the rest of us in the community as well.


What's so special about being a Super User?

  • Super Users are publicly honored with a special rank icon that appears on their community avatar
  • They have access to a private "Super Users" forum, where they can confer with their fellow "supers" and the SAS community managers.
  • They are invited to "Super Users"-only meetings with SAS staff, where they get the inside scoop on SAS communities and other SAS goings-on.
  • They enjoy more weight from the "Likes" that their posts receive.
  • They receive some special abilities, such as moving stray posts to the proper board and marking spam.


How are Super Users selected?

SAS communities managers select the Super Users based on their demonstrated behavior in the community.  Which behaviors are most valued for this elite group?  There isn't a single ranking formula, but we look at:

  • Time spent in the community
  • Quantity and quality of posts
  • Accepted Solutions, as determined by the members who ask questions in the forums
  • "Likes" received on posts, indicating helpful or interesting posts
  • Leadership behaviors, such as advising new community members how to ask questions effectively and post to the most appropriate areas.


How long are these users "Super"?

  • The "Super User" designation has a 6-month term.
  • Every 6 months, the SAS communities managers will identify and invite a new set of Super Users.
  • Super Users can repeat: if you've been a Super User once, you could be a Super User again. Keep up the great work!


SAS Support Communities Super Users Inductees


August 2017










February 2017










August 2016










February 2016











Since we have introduced a new program for PROC Stars (read about it below) the current set of Super Users will run for a year. Therefore the next set of Super Users will be announced on August 1, 2018.  If you have Super User aspirations, it's not too soon to begin showing your stuff!



See also: Learn about our PROC Star program, designed to recognize our many contributors who consistently go above-and-beyond to help fellow community members and make SAS Support Communities a fun place to be!


by Trusted Advisor
on ‎01-31-2016 03:58 PM

Congratulations @Astounding @ballardw @LinusH @PGStats @Reeza @RW9 on your outstanding contribution to the SAS Support Community and your recognition as inaugural Super Users! 

by Super User
on ‎02-01-2016 10:21 AM

Thanks @MichelleHomes

It's an honour to join such a awesome group of SASperts.

by SAS Super FREQ
on ‎02-01-2016 10:24 AM

Wow! Congrats to all. I've learned things from each of these experts.

by Community Manager
on ‎02-12-2016 01:29 PM

Congrats all!

by Occasional Contributor NiranjanaKR
on ‎08-17-2016 03:54 AM


by Occasional Contributor CyberDataExplorer
on ‎10-07-2016 03:58 PM

Super Congrats !!!