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How to learn about hot fixes to SAS software

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SAS releases regular updates to software products in the form of hot fixes and maintenance releases.  Hot fixes are SAS' timely response to customer-reported problems, as well as a way to deliver occasional security-related updates that can affect any software product.


You can now learn about all published SAS hot fixes by visiting the SAS Hot Fix Announcements page in this community. You'll find everything you need here, including the links to download the fixes, SAS Notes about the issues the fixes address, details about what products and versions are affected, and more.  This area doesn't replace the Hot Fix home page maintained by SAS Technical Support, but it does make it easier to subscribe to news and find just the updates you need.


How to subscribe to updates using e-mail

subscribe.pngAs with any board within SAS Support Communities, you can elect to be notified when new content is published to hot fix announcements board.  These notifications are sent as e-mail from the SAS Support Communities.  You can change your community preferences to control how often you receive the notifications.  Note: in order to subscribe to these notifications, you must have a community user name and be logged in using your profile.


Are you a member? Visit the hot fix announcements page and select Blog Options->Subscribe to receive hot fix notifications.  These notifications look best in HTML format, so be sure to visit your profile preferences and set Email Format to HTML.


How to subscribe to updates using an RSS feed

rssmenu.pngDo you use an RSS feed reader to keep up with your favorite blogs and communities?  If so, you can easily add the SAS hot fix announcements feed to your list of subscriptions.  Unlike the e-mail option, anyone can access the RSS feed at any time, no sign in required.  


To find the RSS feed for the hot fix updates, visit the hot fix announcements page and select Blog Options->Subscribe to RSS Feed.

Here's a direct link to the RSS feed, which you can add to your favorite feed reader.


How to filter by product name, SAS version, and Alert status

Each of the SAS hot fix notices is tagged with multiple labels -- special fields that you can use for to filter your view.  On the right side of the board you'll see labels for "Alerts", "9.4", and product names such as "SAS Enterprise Guide."  Click on any of these labels to see all of the hot fix notices that match that label.  Remember, SAS Technical Support recommends that customers apply "Alert"-level hot fixes for their affected products as soon as possible.


How to find specific updates using the Search tool

If you have any information about the fix you're trying to find -- the product name, the SAS version, the SAS note, or the hot fix identifier -- you can use the Search box at the top of the page to find the exact updates that you're looking for.  To find your fixes, visit the hot fix announcements page and type your keywords (for example, "SAS/STAT" or "secure") in the Search field.  The suggestion feature will display the topics that match.  Or you can click the Search button for a complete list of results.




Don't forget the SASHFADD tool!

In addition to applying hot fixes "a la cart," you can use the special SAS Hot Fix Analysis, Download and Deployment tool (SASHFADD) to analyze your SAS environment and download the fixes you need, automatically.  More details are on the SAS Technical Support Hot Fix home page.


Learn more by webinar: About SAS Hot Fixes

If you're new to SAS deployment and hot fixes, we recommend watching this free Ask The Expert webinar for a solid introduction to managing your software installation.