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3 ways to show off your skills on the SAS Support Communities

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We all like to be appreciated, and recognized for our hard work. It’s what makes us push ourselves to learn a new skill, go for that promotion or in some cases, insist on posting a review on everything we purchased from Amazon. We know that our contributions will be rewarded and at the same time, we're improving ourselves, our organization or preventing that poor soul who thinks buying an apple corer is a fine idea. (Does anyone really ever use your apple corer? Didn't think so.)

Rewarding online behavior isn’t new to the SAS Support Communities. Before the site transformed, we had a points structure for each member. Now, you can get credit for tons of things from simply searching on the site to giving feedback on good answers to providing the most “accepted solutions” (that’s the new “correct answer” from the old site). The more you interact and contribute quality content, the faster you’ll move up in rank, receive badges and show up on leaderboards across the site.


You know you want to show off your skills! Watch this video to learn about three ways to boost your professional reputation among your peers.

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Can't read flash videos! Smiley Sad

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HTML5 please, this is 2015. Smiley Happy

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You can view the video on YouTube here: