/var file system on Solaris machine is full

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/var file system on Solaris machine is full

Hi Friends

I have an issue with the space on /var file system on our Solaris machine,the /var files system reached 100%.

not exactly sure which files to clean in order to free up some space.

I would really appreciate for your suggestions.

Am thinking to clean up some old file from  locations in /var tmp, /var/log, /var/adm, /var/mail

But in /tmp I can see some of the files created with users id's and sassrv with .config extension(SAS-QandR-34618.config) other than .log extension files, am not sure it’s safe to clean those files.

And also some old files located in /log and /adm is it safe to clean those files.

What is the best approach to free some space from  /var file system,do you suggest any other files to clean in /var.

Please help me its very very urgent

Thanks in advance

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Re: /var file system on Solaris machine is full

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Check the folders where your SAS WORK libraries are stored. You can safely remove any non-current WORK folders.

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Re: /var file system on Solaris machine is full

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It may be that SAS is not the culprit

In /var, do

du -sk *|sort -nr|head

which will show you the top 10 directory trees (or files, if you have some big enough) in descending order of disk usage.

Use this method recursively to go searching for the big files, and then determine which process writes/reads them.

To check when a file has last been read, use ls -ul filename. This may help you in determining if a file can be safely deleted.

Since /var is used by applications for files that should persist, I'd suggest to make sure that a backup or archive is available.

What is the size of your /var, BTW?

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