.utl files in SASWORK(Temp) folder

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.utl files in SASWORK(Temp) folder

Hi All,

We have installed SAS 9.2 in unix server . Currently we have space issues in SASWORK folder.

In SASWORK/ediserver/Lev1/Temp folder , there are many unwanted folders starts like SAS_work55*********A0B_servername.

In that folder,some .utl files are there.Whats is the use of these files   and whether these files are necessary?

Kindly help us....Thanks in advance!!

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Re: .utl files in SASWORK(Temp) folder

You will want to look at the cleanwork utility provided by SAS.  This will cleanup work and utility folders/files that are not necessary, otherwise, they exist for a reason...

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Re: .utl files in SASWORK(Temp) folder

The design of a Unix installation should have included the SASwork usage (something like /tmp).
As you are naming that as "SASWORK/ediserver/Lev1/Temp folder" and asking about _work and utl files you have obviously failed in that.
There is a lot more to do when you are wanting to have a reliable service.

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