usage note feedback

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usage note feedback

provides an example usage note that prompted me to respond (but that's another story)

And (more relevantly to this posting) it prompted me to suggest a discussion link in the usage note webpage form to extend comments.

The long and short of it is "later".

So for now, I'll be posting comments on/about SAS Samples and Usage Notes here (well, in what I would call the appropriate Forum)- and recommending the channel for all such Note-content feedback


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Re: usage note feedback


We have discussed opening up the comments section of the Samples and SAS Notes.  At one time, the issue was that it would be hard to respond to the comments because the tool wasn't created for threaded discussion.

As a short-term fix, how does the community feel about making the comments publicly readable, then you can add a comment like "More discussion on this note is happening at <link to community>?"

Other ideas?

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Re: usage note feedback

Posted in reply to reneeharper

I would /might be happy to share the comments I make against a rating. Already a footnote indicates that providing an email address opens the comment for reply. Before extending this to public access to comment, I think a check box should confirm extending beyond author of usage note.

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Re: usage note feedback

and here is a random comment (well random about timing), on the SAMPLE published at the top of the RSS feed:

Sample 22872: Determine which counties border a specific county

SAS Reference ==> Procedures ==> GMAP

Date Modified:

2013-02-07 14:31:28

seems more appropriate to put my comments in the SAS/GRAPH forum.....

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