system halted/icon disappeared

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system halted/icon disappeared


I Am using SAS9.2 in UNIX environment and windows operating system.  I am suing SAS/AF application development tool.

Its upgraded from v8 to v9.2. 

I modified the sas file and tested I found SAS tool halted after some time and disappeared the icon.

What is the solution to fix this halting issue.


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Re: system halted/icon disappeared

Which Icon? The SAS program Icon, the AF application Icon? Something else? A SAS supplied icon or one you created?

There might be an issue if you changed the application from one platform to another as well as the update, especially if you used a custom icon because of the approaches the two operating systems used to store icons.

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Re: system halted/icon disappeared

The modified sas code in unix environment worked fine but after couple of minutes later The AF application icon halted and disappeared.

What may be the issue and suggestions.

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