skipping specific lags in proc variogram

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skipping specific lags in proc variogram

Hello, all:

I'm trying to use proc variogram to study spatial correlation in a variable (present2012). The difficulty is that the range class 0 and 2 through 50 make sense. The range class 1, however, is not representative, for some reasons I won't go into here. I know how to condition the variogram estimate on the lags from 2 to 50:

proc variogram data=summarizedbycentroid plots=all;

       store out=storedmodel / label='WNV cases';

       compute lagd=.001 maxlag=50;

       coord xc=x yc=y;

       model form=exp rangelag=2 to 50;

       var present2012;


but I can't figure out how to do something similar for (0, 2:50). I've tried everything, but I'm pretty sure it's not supported. Is there some way I can run the variogram, save the pairs, delete those in class 1, then run the variogram with this modified set? Etc.

Thanks for any insights,


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Re: skipping specific lags in proc variogram

How about :

compute lagdistance=2 maxlags=25;

model form=exp;

The implied LAGTOLERANCE would be 1. You could make it less if you wanted to exclude lag=1 pairs.


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