selecting controls in SAS

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selecting controls in SAS


I have a dataset with cases and potential controls. I would like to select controls by matching age, race, sex and birth weight in 1:10. I used to select controls by creating index, for example, concatenate age|race|sex , and then use proc surveyselect. However, this method cannot satisfy my need since I need to matching birth weight in certain range, such as +/- 50 g. How can I select controls by matching exact variables and variables in a range? Thanks.

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Re: selecting controls in SAS

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please show some input and output data, so that someone cal help you

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Re: selecting controls in SAS

Try a Google search for

SAS marching macro

There are a number of macros out there that will do tolerance matching on continuous variables.


Alternatively, you might consider propensity score matching.  That often performs better than the simple case-control approach you posited.

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