sas web studio error

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sas web studio error

hi sas gurus

i created a data item called "A" which has the logic below in my information map studio CASE

WHEN <<root.Header>> = "Overall" THEN <<root.Amt>>


with this simple logic.....when i create a cross tab report in web studio it gives me an error

ERROR: Expression using equals (=) has components that are of different data types.

please advice.

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Re: sas web studio error

It seems that the quantity <<root.Header>> is not character.  You may need to use the PUT( ) function to convert the value to a character for comparison in the When clause.


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Re: sas web studio error

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<<root.Header>> is the business column not the physical column. when i use the physical column, it works fine. when i say put(<<root.Header>>, 30.) = "overall" it gives an error...

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