sas eg 9.1 "sasuser" library

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sas eg 9.1 "sasuser" library

Hi Friends - i have some questions if i can get some info...Thank you so much...!!!

1) what is the meaning of having two different path for "sasuser" library in local server and sasmain server? (I am using sas9.1) what would be the imact of it....?

2) is it possible users writes sas datasets and their output stores in 'sasuser' library automatically?


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Re: sas eg 9.1 "sasuser" library

The SASUSER library in a standalone session contains some user preference information such as in the SASUSER.PROFILE catalog. There are also a number of datasets and catalogs associated with SAS examples or some functionality. The library could be written to by users though it isn't a highly recommended practice.

I would not be surprised to find two servers pointing to different SASUSER libraries as the settings probably should have differences. One reason not to use that library for your work as you may spend time trying to find which one your data occupies.

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