running many sas program on one SEG session

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running many sas program on one SEG session

I want to run more than one sas program on one sas entreprise guid.

But it does not work ?

Please, do you have any solution

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Re: running many sas program on one SEG session

You need either to start SAS EG multiple times or you need to store your program in an external file and then batch submit it from SAS EG using SYSTASK with

NOWAIT SAS(R) 9.4 Companion for UNIX Environments, Fourth Edition

What also would work with SAS/Connect is to wrap your code in rsubmit blocks (with noxwait) - but this needs like SYSTASK additional coding to make it work.

We're still dreaming of getting a "batch submit" button in SAS EG but such a feature hasn't been added yet. Vote it up: Add BATCH SUBMIT button to EG | Communities on SAS

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Re: running many sas program on one SEG session

EG does not currently support running more than one SAS program simultaneously. It is possible to queue multiple programs to run, but they will run one after the other in the order you selected them.

In addition to Patrick's suggestions, If SAS is installed on your desktop, not just EG, then it is possible via SAS's Display Manager interface, SAS/CONNECT and using asynchronous remote submits to a SAS server.

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Re: running many sas program on one SEG session

If you have multiple workspace sessions, you can run multiple programs simultaneously.  I described these steps in a blog post about "multitasking" in SAS Enterprise Guide.

Also, you can enable "parallel execution" on a single workspace definition -- EG will spawn multiple sessions to submit jobs in parallel.  To enable, select File->Project Properties, then the Code Submission tab.  There is a checkbox to enable this per project.



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