run code only in january

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run code only in january

I have two pieces of code that I only want run in January.  Currently they are running every month which is fine but very ineffiecient.  I am saving history by month for the current year and the december file for the three previous years.  The second code is only taking last december data.  I set it up this way so the end user doesn't have to change anything or have any extra steps.  BUT, I'd like to set it up so this piece of code only runs in January.  Any help will be appreciated.

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data testhistory;

set testhistory;

where year(reporting_date) = year(&yeardate) or

          reporting_date = &yeardate11 or

          reporting_date = &yeardate22 or

          reporting_date = &yeardate33;


data testdec;

set testdec;

where reporting_date = &yeardate11;


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Re: run code only in january

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where month(reporting_date) = 12


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