remote access in SAS

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remote access in SAS


  I wonder how to access SAS data files on a unix server from from windows SAS? proc connect looks like an option but it seems that you need SAS on both the client and server? If so, do I need two separate licenses? Can I use proc access with ODBC driver?




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Re: remote access in SAS

Yes, SAS/CONNECT requires sw and licence on both SAS client and server.


ODBC is possible, but gives you less functionality, and probably to a higher cost if you are using SAS in WIndows as a client. Then you need SAS/ACCESS to ODBC on the cleint, and SAS/SHARE and SAS/SHARE*NET on the server.


A third alternative would be to adopt a thin client, SAS Studio (web based zero footprint, included in almost all SAS server licenses), or Enterprise Guide, more powerful .Net application. Check you licences.


A forth alternative (not recommended for heavy/advanced use) is to amp the server directory, the you could probably access the SAS files using CEDA (slower and read only if remember correctly).

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Re: remote access in SAS

It may be cheaper to convert the SAS datasets to a DB format and then connect to the DB.

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Re: remote access in SAS

If you have SAS Enterprise Guide on your client PC you can use the Upload and Download tasks to transfer SAS data files to and from your SAS server at no additional cost. Note there is no code version of these tasks, you have to manually run the transfers from the EG task menu.


SAS/CONNECT provides a code-based solution which can be fully automated.

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