regarding proc sql

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regarding proc sql

I have database with diagnosis description.(example like mood disorders,sleep disorders..)I want to find the diagnosis id with that description.How to create a program for that?

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Re: regarding proc sql [how to improve your question]

Hello @lg2,

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Re: regarding proc sql

You need to provide some more information on what data you have.

If you have a table with diagnosis and another table with there codes then a simple left join works. 

data D_id;
infile datalines dlm=',' missover;
input id diagnosis $25.;
101,mood disorders
102,sleep disorders

data have;
infile datalines dlm=',' missover;
input patient diagnosis $25.;
datalines ;
1,mood disorders
2,mood disorders
3,sleep disorders
4,sleep disorders

proc sql;
create table want as 
select a.*,
from have a
left join d_id b on a.diagnosis=b.diagnosis


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Re: regarding proc sql

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  And, another approach is to use a FORMAT for a table lookup. In the example below, the PROC FORMAT was hardcoded, but you can build the format from a SAS dataset, too.



In this example, the value of the DIAGCODE variable will come from the $dgcode user defined format. This is another way to do a table lookup without doing a merge or a join.



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