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put _ALL_


I am using the put _ALL_ statement to print results from a data step in the SAS log, but my output is too large. How can I suppress the put statement to only print a specified number in the SAS log (e.g. 50, 100 lines, etc.).


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Re: put _ALL_

The dataset options Firstobs and Obs may help.

To print starting at the 50th record and print 100 lines

data _null_;

     set have (firstobs=50 obs=149);

     put _all_;


You might want to try using File Print to send the output and/ or current ods destination.

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Re: put _ALL_

In most DATA steps, you could use this:

if _n_ < 50 then put _all_;

There are complications if your DATA step deletes some of the observations, but this would be the general idea.

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Re: put _ALL_

Use the MOD() function on the observation counter.

if mod(_n_,50) = 1 then put (_n_ _all_) (=);

You might want to change the interval based on the size of the input dataset.


set x nobs=nobs ;


if mod(_n_,int(nobs/100)) = 1 then put (_n_ _all_) (=);


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