project life cycle

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project life cycle

one of the interviewrs asked me

what is the project life cycle explain? and

what will be there in the project documentation?

Can anybody help me to understand this concepts.

Thanks in advance



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project life cycle

In short: these are the stages of a project from start to end. There are different models so there won't be a one-fits-all answer.

Each stage has its deliverables (eg. a design document for a design phase) - and delivering these documents if often part of the measure if a milestone (a "measure point" of the project) is reached... and so on.

Suggest you Google "project life cycle" - there is heaps on the Internet and there are also heaps of books about project management.

I assume such an interview question is mostly to see if you're having an understanding how projects work as this is also for developers important in order to understand where one fits in.

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