proc tabulate using filter for a stub

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proc tabulate using filter for a stub

Hi ,

I was trying to produce %s using Proc tabulate for the below question .

  1. Which of the following treatments are you currently taking for your diabetes?

          Lantus / Lantus Solostar (glargine)

              [US only] Lxymuia (lixisenatide

Can some one help me understand how to produce the above information using proc tabulate bearing in mind that the first stub is for all respondents whereas the second is for US respondents ONLY.

So, the question is how to put filter for the second stub in the same table.

Thanks you.

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Re: proc tabulate using filter for a stub

The basic approach I would be taking is to set what ever value represents Lxymuia to missing for all non-US records OR create a separate variable only set for US records, basically pre-process the data with tabulate in mind.

This may require use of the MISSING option on the variable involved.

You may want to describe your data structure and desired output with a small example data step and the results expected.

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