proc format

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proc format

25. What option in PROC FORMAT allows you to create a format from an input control data set rather than VALUE statement?

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Re: proc format

Base SAS(R) 9.4 Procedures Guide, Third Edition (using a function to create a format)   still the same procs

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Re: proc format

The option which is used to create the formats from the input dataset is cntlin

the way the dataset is passed in the cntlin in as below

proc format cntlin=dataset;


the required variables in the dataset for creating the formats this way are

fmtname /*a valid format name*/

start /*value*/

end /*which is again a value , but can be used only when we need to assign the format to a range*/

label /* this variable has the value which you want to actually assign*/

type /* mention C if character format and N for numeric format*/



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