problem Importing big XML file 3gb

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problem Importing big XML file 3gb



I have a problem importing a very big XML file on 3gb.

I tried to do it with xml mapper but the file is way to big. 

Anyone got a solution to how i can import the whole file without splitting it up ?


Thank in advance. 

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Re: problem Importing big XML file 3gb

Sometimes you can build the map on a smaller version of the XML file and then use the generated MAP on the big file by running the code outside of the XML Mapper.

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Re: problem Importing big XML file 3gb

You don't need to use the XML mapper if you know the XML schema and know how you want to import the data.  You can use XSL to create your own map without opening the XML file at all.


Is this a complicated (many fields) XML file, or is it many rows but just a few fields?  Or, more importantly, just a few fields you want?  If you put more detail (such as an example of the XML file, one "row" or two "rows" worth) you can get a better answer here.

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