physical file does not exist

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physical file does not exist


I installed virtualbox in my Mac to create a virtual machine.  Then I installed SAS 9.4 in my virtual machine.  I have created a shared folder where virtual machine can share the files in my host computer (Mac)

The directory of shared folder (I see from my virtual machine : \\VBOXSVR\Documents.

I put my SAS data file (food.dat) in this shared folder

I ran the following program

DATA one;

INFILE "\\VBOXSVR\Documents\food.dat";


Then Error message happened

physical file does not exist \\VBOXSVR\Documents\food.dat.

How to resolve the issue?

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Re: physical file does not exist

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I don't speak Mac, but that looks like a relative path, which would be from where SAS executes. Give it fill full path from the root of the VM file structure.

If this is the University Edition then it is also wanting UNIX syntax and all date must be subordinate to the myfolders folder to be seen.

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Re: physical file does not exist

not university edition.  It is just regular SAS

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