pc 9.3 sas vs unix 9.3 sas

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pc 9.3 sas vs unix 9.3 sas


does anyone know which is faster?

i'm currently on sun solaris 9.1 and it is painfully slow.

we are in the process of testing out 9.3 on a redhat linux box, but the file system is old (ext3). i didn't see any improvement over 9.1.

they're going to move 9.3 to a redhat linux box which is san attached and has the newer file system. a lot of that stuff is greek to me.

we're also going to test a pc version of 9.3. anyone have any experience or benchmarks they can share?



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Re: pc 9.3 sas vs unix 9.3 sas

You need first to define what you want to do with your SAS system, have an idea about the data volumes you want to process and how you need to process them ,... and so on. You can't benchmark different architectures on such a high and general level.

To get the architecture and sizing right is not a trivial task and it might be worth to spend the money and get an architect from SAS Inst. to do this for you. Changing the OS and the box will also have licensing and cost implications so involving a SAS architect might also be a good idea from this perspective.

I'm currently working with SAS 9.1.3 under Solaris and it's very fast and stable (that doesn't mean that upgrading to the latest SAS version is a very good idea).

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