overcoming "insufficient memory"

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overcoming "insufficient memory"



I have been using SAS University Edition on my Mac via VirtualBox all afternoon. It is slow but works. Now all of a sudden it is saying I have "insufficient memory" to do even a basic proc contents. How do I either open up storage space on the virtual drive or reallocate to my computer's hard drive? I tried adding OPTIONS USER='/folders/myfold/'; but there was not even enough memory to run this.


Thanks so much!

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Re: overcoming "insufficient memory"

That is really weird . Default size of memory of UE is 2G which is enough to run the general task . Could you install UE again.

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Re: overcoming "insufficient memory"

Did you change the default settings on the VM?


I've seen this issue mentioned a few times, but never encountered it, or seen a solution Smiley Sad


Can you post some more information, including:



Browser used

VM settings (hard drive/ram)


And a screenshot of the error.


I'm assuming a standard restart of the VM and browser doesn't resolve the issue.




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