odbc MS Sql Server hangs

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odbc MS Sql Server hangs

I have setup an odbc definition on a unix server that points to Microsoft SQL Server.

I have created the connection and libname definitions in the SAS metadata.

For some SQL Server tables this is working fine – for other tables using the same libname & connection - various SAS processes just hang.

The problem is effecting - but only for certain tables:

•       Registering table metadata

•       Extracting/Viewing data from sql server (Enterprise Guide)

•       Building DI jobs

There are no BLOBS or other 'different' data types columns on the SQL Server tables - they are one of the following:

date, bit, varchar, smallint, int, numeric, geography

The issue with hanging occurs even if I am trying to extract 1 specific column from the SQL Server table.

Are there any other options I need to be testing in the odbc.ini file?



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Re: odbc MS Sql Server hangs

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Here is one possibility. It may be the case that you have a SQL Server index defined for the column that hangs and that the SQL Server index name is longer than 32 characters. If so, then rename the index to 32 characters or less so that SAS can use the index.

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