mask password on signon

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mask password on signon

Hi,  I'm signing on my SAS session using my id ad password that is showing (code below).  Is there a way I can mask the password or store it in one general place so i can access it in all my codes.  Also when I change my password, I can change it in one place?


%let node=bla.__8551;

options comamid=tcp remote=bla.__8551;

signon user=abc123 password='1234adgr';



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Re: mask password on signon

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Encoding is the easiest way to mask your password using PROC PWENCODE:


I'd suggest using the sas003 or sas004 method. These work as long as you have SAS 9.4.


Bear in mind though that another user can still "borrow" your signon statement and use it themselves. A better option is to use OS authentication. This means your signon is authenticated by your local user account and you don't supply a user name and password at all. This would have to be set up by your SAS administrator though.

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