logitech trackball is not working correctly?

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logitech trackball is not working correctly?

Hi all,


So i am using a logitech trackball and each time i log into sas i receive some messages about my mouse that it is not working. But when sas is opened I can work with it. Except now I am trying to add some existing columns into my program and I see the green tick but once I am at the end of the codeline and let it go, nothing is happening.


Can anyone advice me about this? Thank you.

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Re: logitech trackball is not working correctly?



1) Have you tried using a different mouse to see if the message still appears?

2) Which SAS software and version are you using, e.g. Enterprise Guide 7.1?

3) What is the exact text of the message and do you have a screen shot?

4) Is the message definitely from SAS and not the Operating System, e.g. Windows?

5) Perhaps a full screen shot of the "codeline" issue might also help.





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