incidence rate

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incidence rate

Hi all, 


I want to compute incidence rate for all patients in my cohort. Patients who had an event (svcdate) after the index_date will be the patietns who had an incident and those who did not have an incidence after the index_date will be the ones at risk. The  person years will be period_stop - svcdate/365 for each patient. Incidence rate is number of new events (patients)/ Person years for all patients.


How do we compute  this ?

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Re: incidence rate [how to improve your question]

Hello @manya92,

Your question requires more details before experts can help. Can you revise your question to include more information? 


Review this checklist:

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Re: incidence rate [how to improve your question]

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@Community_Guide @draycut 

Can we somehow include this text in the "New Message" page ?

At the moment the page includes this footnote:


Stop right there! Before pressing POST, tick off this checklist. Does your post …

✔ Have a descriptive subject line, i.e., How do I ‘XYZ’? ✔ Use simple language and provide context? Definitely mention what version you’re on. ✔ Include code and example data? Consider using the SAS Syntax feature.

If you answered YES to each of these, you’re on your way to receiving a fast, helpful answer.





which doesn't seem to have the intended effect. 


Maybe the validation list should be placed before the text input field ?

Maybe a check list (to be  checked  before the "Post" button is ungreyed) would work?

Maybe should we include the links from @KurtBremser's signature?


The current format seems to generate too many incomplete or unclear questions, so a way to entice users into spending time to properly explain what their issue is needed.

Requesters should be spending that time, not the SAS experts trying to second guess what on earth was asked (as the link in the footnote points out).






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