how to read the last column of a csv

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how to read the last column of a csv


I have the following code to read a csv:

data brightcovevideo;

retain id videoname views minutes segment50 segment75 segment100;

length videoname $ 255;

infile 'C:\Documents and Settings\gautrj1\Desktop\report\brightcovevideo.csv' 

DSD FIRSTOBS=2 LRECL=10000 termstr=crlf;

input id videoname views minutes segment50 percent4. segment75 percent4. segment100 percent4. ;

format id bestd14.;


the last column of the csv is a percentage and i have the informat set, but the data read into sas does not match up (ie.  37% in row 1 below is 2254 in SAS.  I'm thinking that SAS goe to the end of the line and looks for a comma, but don't know how to account for that in SAS.   Any ideas?  Thanks, John

IDVideo NameViewsViewed MinutesPercentage to 50% MarkPercentage to 75% MarkPercentage of Complete Views
2312832021001Career Framework_MST2200641755%51%37%
2254686068001Access and Permissions-LFD Advisor Registration597186356%52%41%
2020247472001Lincoln Financial® Presents an Annuity Story546365159%53%41%
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Re: how to read the last column of a csv

It's probably that your informat is PERCENT4, but there are only 3 characters in 37%.  Try adding TRUNCOVER to the end of the INFILE statement.

Good luck.

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Re: how to read the last column of a csv

DSD and formatted input (as you have written in your input statement) are incompatible.  Use the colon modified to get proper result

var Smiley Tongueercen4.

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