how to flag ndc by drug name

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how to flag ndc by drug name

Hi ,

I have a claims dataset that has RX look up file which contains NDC, GPI, and generic drug name

This is how the look up file looks like

So for example;


NDC                     generic name

12345678             aripiprazole HCL

12458999             aripiparzole

23456731             risperidone

45677888             aripiprazole


Because some generic names has two parts even though they are referring to the same medication (so aripiprazole HCL is the same drug as aripiprazole), I am not sure how to proceed.


I want to be able to group NDC and create a new variable to referred to it

so the new table should look like this


NDC                     generic name                  Drug

12345678             aripiprazole HCL              A

12458999             aripiparzole                      A

23456731             risperidone                       R

45677888             aripiprazole                       A








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Re: how to flag ndc by drug name

Hi I wanted to add to my previous question.


What I actually need is to create a variable to link NDC to drug


For example,


if NDC (12345678  12458999   45677888) then drug=  A;


This is what I want to accomplish.





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Re: how to flag ndc by drug name

This isn't really a SAS programming question. In my industry coding of medications is done to MedDRA standards, generally automatically in the database by a coding group - i.e. specialist at matching codings to drugs. Its simple enough to group the items, maybe with a retain and catx() each together to get one unique then merge that data on, however coding is a bit more difficult that that as there are various spellings and connations you can't program for.
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