file path

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file path

Hi ,

When I run a simple program from windows  EG to create a test file:

data _null_ ;

File 'c:\myfolder\tstfil.txt' DLM=',' ;

PUT 'Name' 'Age' 'Gender' ;

run ;

While do I get follwoing message in log:

NOTE: The file "C:\myfolder\tstfil.txt" is:

      File Name=/opt/sas/txn/Levmn2/SASAIX/C:\myfolder\tstfil.txt,

      Owner Name=sas,Group Name=sas,

      Access Permission=rw-------  

why a unix folder path '/opt/sas/txn/Levmn2/SASAIX'  automatically gets appended before the windows filepath....?

Can someone help..?

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Re: file path

Sounds like you're not using a local SAS engine but rather EG connecting to a unix box.  True?

If that's the case, the SAS doesn't actually know much about your local computer.  EG can interact with it, but you would have to do things like "Export as step in project" rather than coding a data step directly.

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Re: file path

Thanks DBailey for the reply.

But how do I find if EG is connecting to a unix box...   IS there any parameter setting   by looking at which I will know that  its connecting to the Unix box?


how do I use a local sas engine...    do i need to change any settings for that.....?

Thanks in advance

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Re: file path

Tools > options > administration

should show you your current settings.

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Re: file path

Ideally your SAS is accessed through a unix server, If you do not have a local SAS intalled you cannot do much.

Try to get this file to unix server and give that path.

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