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date check

okay, so i need to, as a part of a larger process, check if the date in a field (MONTH) has last months date in it.  if it does it needs to run a series of queries and if it does not, then run other queries.   i am just missing how to figure this out.  i assume to do it, it needs to be run from a macro so something like...


%macro datecheck;

%local qry mnthck

%let qry=(proc sql; select max(MONTH) as MNTH from TABLE; quitSmiley Wink;

%let today=%sysfunc(today());

%let lmnth=%sysfunc(intnx(month,&today,-1));

%if &lmnth=&qry %then



list of queries to run...



%mend datecheck;



any help?  obviously that does not work but i am also not far off from getting the right answer.  i am just missing the part of getting the query results. 

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Re: date check

proc sql noprint;
select max(month) into :mnth from table;

%macro datecheck;
%if %sysfunc(intnx(month,&mnth,0,b)) = %sysfunc(intnx(month,%sysfunc(today()),-1,b))
%then %do; /* last month */
/* some queries */
%else %do; /* other month */
/* some other queries */
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