create composite variable

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create composite variable

I have a dataset related to kidney transplants and each donor has a donor id and both the left and right kidneys are tied to that donor id. 


I need to create a binary variable called 'discard' (0=no, 1=yes) that is a composite of left and right kidney dispositions. 


Currently I have the variables:


r_disp (5=discard, 6=transplant)

l_disp (5=discard, 6=transplant)


How do I create a variable called "discard" that will be a composite indicator of r_disp and l_disp so that I can investigate the odds of discard overall? 



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Re: create composite variable

If r_disp and l_disp are on the same record in a data step:

(flag if either are discarded)

discard = (r_disp=5 or l_disp=5);


(flag if BOTH are discarded)

discard = (r_disp=5 and l_disp=5);

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Re: create composite variable

Could you give example of the data you have ?

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Re: create composite variable

A single observation will show data for the following variables (among others):

r_disp (fate of right kidney)
L_disp (fate of left kidney)
Kdri (measure of kidney quality)

Donor_id is the index variable.

I want to run a proc logistic to investigate the odds of discard but I only have discard data by left and right. So I need to combine them someone into one discard variable for analysis.

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Re: create composite variable

Yes, what your logic ?


if both of them are diecard then discard =1 


if any one of them is dicard then discard=1

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Re: create composite variable

data have ; input ID r_disp l_disp; cards; 111 5 5 112 6 6 113 5 6 114 6 6 ; run; data want ; set have; if r_disp=5 and l_disp=5 then discard=1; else discard =0; run;

That is example.

If you want discard to equal 1 if the right or the left is discard then change the "and" to "or" in the IF condition.

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Re: create composite variable

The logic of discard or not isn't clear but something like this seems right:


data have;
input ID$ r_disp$ l_disp$;
1 5 5
2 5 6
3 6 5
4 6 6

data want;
set have;
if r_disp = '6' or l_disp = '6' then Discard = '0';
else discard = '1';

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