convert text file to SAS dataset

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convert text file to SAS dataset

Hi all,

I have to convert many text a file to sas dataset without using DDE. My file is like the following :

Label define  age ///

1 "10 to 20"///

2 "20 to 30 "///

3 "30 to 40 "///

5 "40 to 50"///

6 "50 to 60"///

I tried to read the file and use fread, fget functions to read each line but i couldnot figureout how to create the dataset

%do %while(%sysfunc(fread(&fid1)) = 0);

%let rc=%sysfunc(fread(&fid1));

%let rc=%sysfunc(fget(&fid1,C,200));

Thank you all.

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Re: convert text file to SAS dataset


Not sure what your structure is there, what do the /// reference?  What are the variables?

At a guess:

data want;

     attrib id format=best. age format=$20. otherbit format=$20.;

     infile "...\your_file_here.txt" dlm=" " dsd missover;

     input id age $ otherbit $;


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Re: convert text file to SAS dataset

Possible minor change to RW9's code:

dlm " /" and don't bother reading in the otherbit variable unless there is some purpose to that /// other than saying end of line or data section.

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