calling web service throws error

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calling web service throws error


i created a package in enterprise miner, which i saved in metadata

then i created a SAS DI job, which calls this package, and then puts the data into the target table, which resides on another server

when i execute the job manually in SAS DI, it acts as expected  i.e. process the data / does the scoring and puts the data into the target table

then i created a stored process out of this job, and subsequently a web service, with no parameters specified, and no source/target tables specified neither (it is supposed to just execute this SAS DI job)

on the creation of the web service i received a URL link, which i thought is the link to call this web service

when i paste it into web browser i get error

TTP Status 405 -

type Status report


description The specified HTTP method is not allowed for the requested resource.

The target set up is to call this web service from another server from inside ETL tool (SSIS) but i cannot connect to this webservice, so i wanted to first test it on the server where it was created;

can someone advise where did i go wrong here?

how can i test this webservice and why it trows error?

i appreciate any tips


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Re: calling web service throws error

You probably need to use a POST instead of a GET (which is what the browser does when you enter a URL).

Look at the source code of the HTTP 405 error page you received. The header should contain an "Allow" field that shows which methods are allowed. (RFC 7231 - Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/1.1): Semantics and Content)

Try to create a web page on your server that contains a FORM element that does a POST to your URL when the "send" button is activated. Then load that page in your browser and hit the "send" button.

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